Up Coming Programs
By: Susan Wilkins

Hope you will join us for tomorrow for our program with General Roger Peterson, on "Hooray for Capitalism" .
July 23 -" Hooray for Capitalism" -General Roger Peterson
Program Chair: Jim McGhee
Hygiene items are beginning collected to donate to benefit Love and Action Ministries, please bring those items or monetary funds to Heidi Condrey.
Mark your calendars for the playground build on August 24thto benefit the Wiregrass Children's Home.Board Meeting
Our next board meeting will be August 13th, directly after our program.
~ Susan

Anniversary List

Jul-15...Thomas Parks
Jul-20...John P Howell
Jul-21...Patrick Liester
Jul-23...Scott Faulk
Jul-26...Tracy Knowles
Jul-27...Donnie Pemberton
Jul-28...Raleigh Price
Jul-29...Sean Ingram
Aug-02...Paul Flowers, Jim McGhee, Brandon Shoupe
Aug-03...James H. Thomas
Aug-06...Ronnie Pippin, Angelia Turner
Aug-08...Bruce Scarborough
Aug-09...George McClintock
Aug-13...Jim Holland

Birthday List

Jul-19...George N. Saad
Jul-22...Jeff Williams
Jul-23...Harry Howell
Jul-26...Hamp Baxley, Harrison Morris
Jul-27...Ted Williams
Aug-08...David Swaim
Aug-09...Randy Hurst
Aug-10...Ryan Hendrix, Michael Smith
Aug-11...Tracy Knowles

Process for proposing new members
By: Beth Kenward

1. Proposed must visit our club at least 3 times. Rotary membership pamphlet should be given to the proposed new member during one of these visits.
2. Proposing member (the “proposer”) needs to get a membership application from membership chair, club secretary, or website and alert club of intention to propose the new member.
3. When the application is complete and turned in to membership chair, the chair will email the board regarding the proposed new member. If there is board opposition, the board discusses at their next meeting.
4. If the board approves the proposal, the membership chair arranges an orientation for the proposed new member and notifies the board of date/time. A 10-day letter is then sent to the club membership.
5. If the board rejects the proposal, the proposer is notified of this by the membership chair.
6. If the proposed new member is opposed by a member, the proposal is returned to the board for further discussion. If there is no opposition from members, the new member is notified of their acceptance.
7. Induction ceremony is scheduled upon payment of club dues by the new member.

2013-2014 Board
By: Susan Wilkins

President Wilkins, Susan

Visit www.DothanHoustonCountyRotary.com for more info...

Joined Member
Drew Owen...
By: Drew Owen

Joined: 06/11/2013
Proposed by: Lan Darty
Classification: Insurance
Occupation: Drew Owen State Farm
Job Title: Owner
Education: BS Business Admin - Auburn Univ.
Spouse: Anna
Children: Andrew, Nancy, Anna Jane
Place of worship: First Baptist Dothan

Joined Member
Tim Benton...
By: Tim Benton

Joined: 06/11/2013
Proposed by: Ben Armstrong
Classification: General
Occupation: Lewis-Smith Supply Corp.
Job Title: VP HVAC and Personnel
Education: Wallace and Trevecca Nazarene Univ.
Spouse: Michelle
Children: Ashley, Ryan and Emma
Place of worship: First Church of Nazarene
Hobbies: Golf, hunting, singing