By: Angelia Turner

Well, it's June, it's hot, no rain and usually for me that means that another major event is just around the corner, but this year it means something is ending. It has been my pleasure to serve as your President this year. I feel like I have grown and was fulfilled by the spirit of being a Rotarian. There were times I felt like one of our speakers quoted a while back, "If you are a leader, and you look behind you if no one is following, you are simply taking a walk." Yet, the quote I focused on was "Make a Difference", and I think we did.As I look back over the past eleven months, I think of the video presentation a couple of weeks ago, " It's taking time to celebrate what's right with the world".We celebrated 106 years of Rotary international, we purchased two Shelter Boxes for disaster aid, as members - we raised over $20,000 to be given to local charities, even though our membership did not grow from the previous year, we added valuable members, we made a difference in families' Christmas and we saw the spirit of Christmas through a child's eyes, we lost a precious Rotarian, but we had the joy of sharing time with him, we had some really interesting programs and were fed by their inspirations, we distributed close to 500 dictionaries to 3rd graders in our county and city schools, weimplemented a state of the art website and continue to connect with our members through this media, and we opened one of the "Best Playgrounds" around. WOW, when we do "Celebrate what's Right with the World, we see what was accomlplished during these tough economic times and know we made a difference in places that matter! I thank each of you for your part in "Making that Difference".We are so blessed in this country and in this city to have all that we do. My hope is that the next leadership grows from the past and that, as Rotarians, we will truly make a difference everyday and continue to give "Service Above Self." Thank you for this opportunity.

June Programs
By: Steve Thompson

6/7 - Nigel Allen, Gift and Estate Planner- Beth Kenward, Prg Chair
6/14 - Jeffrey Biggs, Substance Abuse Program - Lamar Brooks, Prg Chair
6/21 - Changing of the Guard
6/28 - No meeting - Future Masters

Birthday List

Jun-07...Linda Cunningham
Jun-08...Sam Hathcock
Jun-09...Bobby Hewes
Jun-10...Jim Loftin
Jun-11...Taylor Barbaree
Jun-16...Susan Wilkins
Jun-20...Steve Harris
Jun-24...Thomas Parks
Jun-26...Stephen Smith

Anniversary List

Jun-07...Lamar Brooks
Jun-08...Mary Lee
Jun-10...Steve Thompson
Jun -10..Ron Wilson
Jun-11...Dennis Egge
Jun-12...Thad Johnson
Jun-14...Norma Hanson
Jun-18...Philip Baker
Jun-19...Peter A. McInish
Jun-20...Bobby Hewes
Jun-24...Doug Perreault
Jun-25...Joel Boyd
Jun-26...Richard Reinhardt
Jun-28...Jeff & Lisa Williams
Jun-28...Bob Woodall

Joined Member
Whit Huskey...
By: Whit Huskey

Joined: 05/24/2011
Proposed by: Dow Huskey
Classification: Attorney
Occupation: Huskey Law Firm
Job Title: Attorney
Education: AU - BSNova S.E. Univ., J.D.
Spouse: Ann
Place of worship: Episcopal Church of the Nativity
Hobbies: Piano golf

Upcoming Events

06/07/2011 - Regular Meeting

06/14/2011 - Regular Meeting

06/14/2011 - Board Meeting

06/21/2011 - Regular Meeting

06/28/2011 - NO MEETING

2011-12 Officers
By: Angelia Turner

Dothan-Houston County Rotary
2011-12 Officers
Hamp Baxley, President
Susan Wilkins, Vice-President
Ben Armtrong, Secretary
Sean Ingram, Treasurer
Steve Thompson, President-Elect
Angelia Turner, Past President

Hamp will be announcing the Board of Directors and Committee Chairmen in July.