By: Angelia Turner

Please forgive the tardiness of this newsletter, but it has allowed us to include some information that would not have been included had it gone out earlier. As Rotarians we never stop providing "Service Above Self". We have several opportunities to "Give" of our talents and monies to many individuals and organizations. One is with the Miracle League World Series that is coming to Dothan, Memorial Day weekend. Please join us to volunteer and "Give" just a few hours for this great event. The Miracle League is supported through fundraisers like this and we support their efforts. See Michael Smith's article.

Another area that we can "Give" is by letting the Allocations Committee know of a charity that needs assistance from the contributions you made this year. Our Assessment Fund raised nearly $20,000 that will be distributed throughout the Wiregrass area and you can be involved by letting the committee know of any needs. See Sam Hathcock's article.

As we know that they are so many needs in our area, let's always be mindful of our many blessings and how fortunate we are to be "Rotarians", capable and able to serve others. Our program on May 24th is a video that I ran across that captures the true essence of all that is good in the world and I hope you will join me as we "Celebrate What's Right in the World". Don't miss it.

Allocations Committee
By: Sam Hathcock

The Allocations Committee needs your assistance in distributing funds from the member's assessments that have been collected this year. We would like to implement a new system where we utilize our members to find charities that you may be involved with to assist them in receiving these funds. If you know of a charity that could use these funds, please go to the "Documents" link on the menu bar of our website to download a form, have them complete and return to me by June 1st. The allocations committee will then review all applications and based on the availability of funds will distribute money to the organizations chosen. We have approximately $20,000 that will be given out this year and would like to see that our members have input in the disbursement of our funds.

Miracle League World Series
By: Michael Smith

This exciting event is scheduled for Memorial Day Weekend, May 27-30, 2011 at the Rotary Miracle Field Complex inside Westgate Park in Dothan, Alabama.

The festivities will begin the evening of Friday, May 27th with a welcome cookout complete with entertainment. Games will be played on Saturday the 28th, Sunday the 29th, and Monday the 30th. Their needs for volunteer support include the following:
· Friday, 05/27/201,1 6:00-8:00 PM, up to 5 volunteers to help serve at the welcome cookout
· Saturday, 05/28/2011, 3 shifts of up to 15 volunteers each shift, 9:00 AM- 12:30 PM, 12:30 PM -4:00 PM, 4:00PM-7:30 PM
· Sunday, 05/29/2011, up to 15 volunteers 1:30 PM- 4:00 PM
· Monday, 2 shifts of up to 10 volunteers each shift, 9:00 AM- Noon, Noon -2:30 PM
Volunteers will be working in two primary areas concessions/souvenirs and buddies for the out of town teams and where needed with Dothan teams. Cindy Shellhouse will coordinate our volunteers with the areas of need when you arrive. Please contact me at 235-3933 or to reserve a time to volunteer. Your help is greatly appreciated. Don't forget to wear your Rotary T-Shirt.

Anniversary List

May-04...Top Bishop Jr
May-17...Dow T. Huskey
May-25...Sam Hathcock
May-30...Mark O'Mary

Birthday List

May-10...Steve McCarroll
May-12...Sean Hara
May-14...Judson Brooks
May-14...Rona Miller
May-16...Sam Robinson
May-21...Paul Flowers
May-21...Alan Skinner
May-23...Philip Baker
May-30...Mike Duncan
May-31...Joey Armstrong

Upcoming Events

05/10/2011 - Meeting
ShelterBox USA presented by Phyliss Strawbridge will be our program.

05/10/2011 - Board Meeting
May Board Meeting

05/17/2011 - Meeting
Valeria Judah, Philip Mullin, Lorenzo Suter,

05/24/2011 - Meeting
"Celebrate What's Right With The World"
A look through the lens of a National Geographics Photographer.

Joined Member
Mike Duncan...
By: Mike Duncan

Joined: 04/26/2011
Proposed by: Taylor Barbaree
Classification: Funeral Home
Occupation: Ward Wilson Funeral Home
Job Title: Owner
Children: Nathan - 6 Meagan - 3
Place of worship: Saint Columbia
Hobbies: Member of VFW, Elks, Knights of Columbus, American Legion, Houston County Representative of Alabama Cemetery Preservation Alliance