April is Magazine Month
By: Angelia Turner

April is Magazine Month for Rotary.

Have you read The Rotarian lately? If you remember, last month we focused on literacy and the importance of reading. This month we celebrate our printed words that are distributed around the globe. Take a few minutes to read the many articles that tell stories of Rotary beliefs and inspirations.

The RI Bylaws require all club members to subscribe to The Rotarian. Rotary leaders, district governors, and club presidents are encouraged to support magazine editors in their country or region by submitting story ideas, promoting readership, encouraging timely subscription payments, and assisting with other communication efforts. Brandon Shoupe, our PR Chairman is in the process of writing an article of the creation of the Rotary Miracle Playground. So don’t be surprised if one day you open The Rotarian and see something very familiar. In this digital age that we live in, it is nice to hold a paper magazine and flip through pages of touching stories and photographs. However, the digital age IS upon us and you can soon be connected via internet. Beginning in July, The Rotarian will bring you the same print content you’ve enjoyed for years -- in paperless form. If you switch to digital, a link to the new issue will be delivered to your e-mail inbox each month from Zinio, the world’s largest digital newsstand. Plus download the Zinio app on your iPad,iPhone,iPod Touch, or Samsung Galaxy to take The Rotarian digital magazine with you wherever you go. So there is no excuse to not have read The Rotarian.

With only 3 months remaining in this year, there are still many things that I have not accomplish in my goals as President this year. It is my intentions, to be able to end the year with at least the majority of the goals met. Within the next month, we will be focusing on community projects that our allocated funds are designated to serve. Also, our Membership still needs some good "Rotarians", if you know of an individual that fits the Rotary mold, please encourage them to attend our meetings. Let's really focus on Rotary these coming months and keep the good work moving forward. I thank you for your support and appreciate the opportunity to serve this community.

Have a great April!

April Programs
By: Steve Thompson

Hello Fellow Rotarians,

April should be a good month of programs so I hope to see you there. The schedule is as follows:

4/5 - Tom West and Amy Buntin will share their Tsunami experience with us - chairperson is Charles Buntin

4/12 - Captain Tony Gonzalez with the Houston County Sheriff's Office will speak about gang related issues in Dothan - chairperson is Mike Lewis

4/19 - See you at Westgate Park for the Dothan Pro Classic Tennis Tournament

4/26 - The REAL Project presented by Cynthia Green and Jon Lee- chairperson is Cliff Mendheim

I have two dates that I need programs for. Please contact me if you have a GOOD program in mind. May 17 and May 24 are the available days.

Thanks for all the help over the past year with bringing programs to our club. It has really made my job easy


Joined Member
Philip Mullin...
By: Philip Mullin

Joined: 03/08/2011
Proposed by: Cliff Mendheim
Classification: Distribution
Occupation: Adams Beverages, Inc.
Job Title: General Manager
Education: UAB
Spouse: Amy
Children: Mary Peyton, Millie and William
Place of worship: Wiregrass Church
Hobbies: Golf and fishing

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