March is Literacy Month
By: Angelia Turner

Rotarians have long supported literacy and education for all. Projects have strengthened schools, supported community libraries, and given the precious gift of reading and writing to those in need. As we celebrate Literacy Month this March, we are confronted by the monumental challenge of helping nearly a billion people experience the essential pleasure and power of reading and writing around the globe.Without these fundamental skills, too many of our friends and neighbors will remain trapped by poverty, hunger, and disease. In our own community, we see budget cuts of educational programs and the struggles with resources not available for our own library.You can individually support our library by joining the library guild or Friends of the Library program.

Education was the first area that The Rotary Foundation was active in, long before humanitarian programs were added at the end of the ’60s and in the ’70s. Education is vital to be successful in life, and Rotary can help. Over the last years, Rotary has renewed our relationship with the International Reading Association, allowing Rotary clubs to benefit from the experience of local and international literacy professionals. In addition, The Dollywood Foundation is working with Rotary clubs across North America and the United Kingdom to support early childhood literacy through its Imagination Library program. While these relationships heighten the effectiveness and impact of projects, little would be possible without your active support for literacy.

As business, professional, and community leaders, we must pause to consider what more our club can do to support literacy in the months and years ahead. We must invest in strong champions for literacy in our communities. Mentoring can make a difference in the life of one child or young adult. Mentors can help identify literacy problems early, encourage a love of reading and read aloud to younger children. Whether you serve on the library committee, read at schools or contribute monetarily, you play a major part in supporting literacy. So let us continue our efforts in education when Building Communities – Bridging Continents through Service Above Self.

March Programs
By: Steve Thompson

First, let me say that serving as your program chair has given me more suprises than I ever thought possible.When I expect a program to be great and informative, it turns out to be less than spectacular. Then when it has the makings of a snoozer it makes for a program that stirs the soul or at least makes you wonder why I am in charge of programs. With that being said, February was no different........ Gary Palmer, Dr. John Miller, Dr. Linda York, and our GSE student all did a great job and we appreciat their time.

Coming up in March sure to be entertaining are....

3/1 - Vocationals
3/8 - Mike Schmitz - A City of Dothan update
3/15 - Tony Kenward - Overview of a HSA (Health Savings Account)
3/22 - Ken Tuck - Mission of Love and Action Ministries
3/29 - John Riley - Much Needed Motivation and Inspiration

I do have a couple of dates that have opened up for May, so please let me know if you have any programs you want to bring to the club.Thanks for all of you who have helped me this year.

Have a great day,

Steve Thompson

2011-12 Officers
By: Angelia Turner

The following slate of officers, as proposed by the Nominations Committee, was approved by the Board for 2011-12.
President ..............Hamp Baxley
Vice-President.....Susan Wilkins
Secretary...............Ben Armstrong
Treasurer..............Sean Ingram
Pres-Elect.............Steve Thompson

Anniversary List

Mar-06...Philip Mullin
Mar-10...Steve Harris, Ken Kirkland
Mar-13...Terry Harris
Mar-16...Phillip Santora
Mar-19...Dustin Byrd
Mar-22...Henry Ivey
Mar-29...Otto Voellinger
Mar-30...Stafford L. Gregory
Mar-31...Martin Price

Birthday List

Mar-01...Dustin Byrd, Joe Sanders, Phillip Santora
Mar-02...Ed LaFontaine
Mar-03...Robert S. Hewes
Mar-04...Joey Sheffield II
Mar-07...H. Manning Sanders
Mar-10...Joel Boyd
Mar-15...Jim Freeland, David Jamison
Mar-16...Brian Lumbatis
Mar-23...Vanita Sansom
Mar-27...Terry Harris
Mar-28...Jim McGhee
Mar-31...Lisa Williams